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Proceedings of the symposium « International Day for Asbestos Victims »

13 décembre 2014

Proceedings of the symposium « International Day for Asbestos Victims »

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International Day for Asbestos Victims

Bilingual publication : French / English

Editor : Andeva ; October 2014, Paris

The complete volume (around 400 pages, 86 Mo) can be downloaded at the following url :

Book : International Day for Asbestos Victims (English version)

Livre : Journée internationale des victimes de l’amiante (French version)

The individual papers (in French and in English ) can also be dowloaded by clicking below on the corresponding tab "fr", "uk" etc. in the table of contents

(original version of the papers in German, Italian and Portuguese will shortly be available on line)

International Day for Asbestos Victims



- Marc Hindry (Andeva)
- Annie David (Senator)
- Jean-Denis Combrexelle (Head of Health and Safety, Labour Ministry)
- Christian Hutin (MP)

(cover + editorial +T.O.C.+speeches :

First part : State of Science

1. Epidemic to Pandemic : Asbestos in Our World
— Richard Lemen (fr)

2. Mesothelioma : epidemiology and compensation
— Enzo Merler (fr) (uk)

3. Asbestos and health risks in Quebec
— Fernand Turcotte (fr) (uk)

4. Asbestos in Brazil, a public health issue
—  Hermano Castro (fr) (uk)

5. Treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma
— Arnaud Scherpereel (fr) (uk)

6. A pathologist in the courtroom
— Pier-Giacomo Betta (fr) (uk)

7.Genotoxicity of asbestos fibres
— Marie-Claude Jaurand (fr) (uk)

Second Part : State of the World

8. Pattern of Asbestos Production and Use (1950–2010)
— Laurie Kazan-Allen (fr) (uk)

9. Asbestos and Canada
— Pat Martin (fr) (uk)

10. Asbestos propaganda in Quebec and Canada
— Kathleen Ruff (fr) (uk)

11. Asbestos : Still legal and lethal in the USA
— Linda Reinstein (fr) (uk)

12. October 18, 1991 : A Bloody Anniversary
— Laurie Kazan-Allen (fr) (uk)

13. Asbestos and WTO
— Michel Parigot (fr) (uk)

14. Asbestos in India : Struggles and Realities
— Mohit Gupta (fr) (uk)

15. Asbestos in Japan and Asia
— Sugio Furuya & Yeyong Choi (fr) (uk)

16. Asbestos in Brazil : Controled use ?
—  Fernanda Giannasi (fr) (uk)

17. Australia’s Asbestos Journey
— Lisa. Singh (fr) (uk)

18. Asbestos Relief Trust, South Africa
— Tina da Cruz (fr) (uk)

19. Asbestos Victims Compensation Fund in France
— Marie-José Voisin (fr) (uk)

20. Asbestos in the Netherlands
— Tinka de Bruin (fr) (uk)

21. Asbestos and Belgium – Eternit and Justice
— Eric Jonckheere (fr) (uk)

22. History of Asbestos Ban in Germany
— Gerd Albracht (fr) (uk)

23. Asbestos in Albania
— Romeo Hanxhari (fr) (uk)

24. The Eternit Trial in Italy
— Bruno Pesce (fr) (uk)

25. Asbestos in France and the world
— Marc Hindry & Pierre Pluta (fr) (uk)

Appendices :
- List of contributors,
- scientific committee,
- organisation committee and program of the international day

+ back cover
(fr) (uk)